Official University Notices

View and Pay Fall Semester Term Bills

Students are expected to pay their term bill charges on or before the 1st day of classes. Those that register on or after the 1st day of classes, must pay the day they register. Students that have not paid or made arrangements to pay by September 18 may have their course registration canceled. Unpaid term bills will be assessed late payment fees, late registration fees and a registration reinstatement fee.

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Health Insurance Premium – All Students Excluding International Students

Students registered as full-time students who have existing insurance are required to complete an on-line waiver showing proof of insurance each academic year. Students who do not show proof of health insurance prior to September 18, will be billed a health insurance premium of $762.50 for the Fall semester. If you have health insurance, please waive at, prior to Friday, September 18, 2015. Students who do not complete the on-line waiver form through, will be automatically enrolled in the university sponsored health insurance plan and will be responsible to pay the insurance.

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Electronic Direct Deposit

Students are required to have their Fall 2015 financial aid refunds electronically deposited into bank checking or savings accounts. For more information or to enroll, students should log into their online accounts with their NetIDs and password at